Potent beings, the Passions have powers that outpace the magical talents of adepts. Though they exist on the physical plane, the Passions possess abilities that enable them to travel at incredible speeds, sometimes by travelling as winds, sometimes by taking the forms of eagles or hawks. Some can even transport themselves with a simple thought. Their abilities have often led them to comparisons with very powerful Horrors by their detractors. However, there are a very few, but supremely important differences between the nature of Horrors and those of Passions.

Astendar Garlen Raggok (Mad Passion)
Chorrolis Jaspree Thystonius
Dis (Mad Passion) Lochost Upandal
Floranuus Mybruje Vestial (Mad Passion)


Those who channel the power of the Passions are called questors. These men and women draw their extraordinary powers from the Passions, rather than directly from the universal life force. They may be adept or non-adept, but all have been Name-givers. The life force of the universe flows through the Passions, who transmit this power to their questors.These questors, in turn, bring the Passions to the common folk across the world. Following a Passion gives a questor the same kind of focus an adept receives by following the tenets of his Discipline. The questor’s life becomes a living metaphor for the ideals embodied by his chosen Passion; throughout his life, he expresses those ideals in his every word and action. Most questors fervently and vividly live out this commitment, adding as much colour and energy to the world as adepts.


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