Windling Wizard Circle 1

Attribute Value Step Defence Step
Dexterity 14 6 Physical 10
Strength 7 4 Spell 9
Toughness 11 5 Social 6
Perception 16 7 Armour Step
Willpower 16 7 Physical 3
Charisma 9 4 Mystic 2
Movement (yrds/round) Karma Value
Full 38 Die D10
Combat 19 Cost 5
Flight 75/38 Maximum 16
Strength (lbs) Current 15
Carry 40
Lift 85
Damage Value
Death Rating 32
Unconsciousness 24
Wound Threshold 8
Recovery Test 2
Talent Disc. Rank
Circle 1
Karma Ritual 1
Read and Write Magic x 1
Spellcasting x 2
Spell Matrix Wizardry 1
Spell Matrix Wizardry 1
Thread Weaving Wizardry x 1
Skills Rank
S Speak Language (Windling, Dwarf) 2
S Read and Write Language (Dwarf) 1
S Avoid Blow 2
S Hiding 1
S Tactics 1
K Magical Weapons 1
K Horror Constructs 1
A Flute 1

Racial Bonuses
Astral-Sensitive Sight

Circle 1
Astral Sense
Dispel Magic
Flame Flash
Iron Hand
Mind Dagger
Circle 2
Dodge Boost

Karma Ritual: To perform a Karma ritual, the Wizard draws a circle at least two yards in diameter, then inscribes a triangle within the circle. Making any corrections necessary for accuracy in drawing the circle, the Wizard then draws another circle inside the triangle. Then a triangle within that circle, and so on. Soon the Wizard will be forced to create figures smaller than hand and stylus can possibly draw. He must use the power of magic to continue to draw, even when the results become too small to be seen with the naked eye. The sequence ends with a triangle; the ritual is complete once the final triangle is drawn.

Clothing: Soft boots, breeches, belt
Sack, small, flint and steel (wt: 1)
Grimoire (wt: 1)
Flute (wt: 1)
Weapons: Knife (dmg: 1, wt: 3oz)
Armour: Leather (rat: 3, wt: 5)
Booster potion (wt: 1)
Kelix poultice (wt: 1)
6 silver coins, 2 copper coins
Total weight: 10 lbs, 3 oz


Traits physiques: 33 ans, 1.5", une crinière foncée sur la tête et des ailes foncées.
Première impression: Actif, enjoué, curieu. À première vue, quelqu’un qui veut tout voir et expérimenter.
Origine: Natif d’un village Windling près de Darranis où sa famille y vit toujours.
Traits: Enjoué et curieu

Wizards are spellcasters well trained in the theoretical aspects of magic. Those who follow other spellcasting Disciplines sometimes disparage Wizards as “book magicians,” but very few have the guts to call a Wizard that to his or her face.

Role Playing Tips:
Wizards are as varied as their magics. Some trust the written word over oral tradition, and feel insecure without a couple of books in their backpacks. They tend to be wordy, pompous, and love quoting inscrutable occult classics. They take the concepts of idea and symbol literally, and memorize large chunks of books central to that tradition. They value thought and reflection over all other things, and believe that superior intellect will always win in the end. Humbleness is a rare virtue amongst this school of Wizard.

Other Wizards believe more in the teaching of experience. Idea and symbol are still central to their way of thinking, but they put more faith into their own experience than in that of old texts. They learn to work magic by deciding what each idea and symbol means to them personally, and tend to think and act with less arrogance than other Wizards; many have a wry sense of humour, and feel humbled in the face of the wonders of the world. They can be quick to dismiss the benefits of book learning, and proverbs and other bits of folk wisdom tend to pepper their conversations.


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