Elf Troubadour

Attribute Value Step Defence Step
Dexterity 16 7 Physical 9
Strength 12 5 Spell 7
Toughness 10 5 Social 9
Perception 16 7 Armour Step
Willpower 11 5 Physical 4
Charisma 16 7 Mystic 1
Movement (yrds/round) Karma Value
Full 80 Die D6
Combat 40 Cost 10
Flight Maximum 14
Strength (lbs) Current 5
Carry 90
Lift 185
Damage Value
Death Rating 31
Unconsciousness 22
Wound Threshold 8
Recovery Test 2
Talent Disc. Rank
Circle 1
Disguise Self 1
Emotion Song x 1
First Impression x 2
Karma Ritual 1
Melee Weapons 2
Mimic Voice x 1
Skills Rank
S Speak Language (Dwarf, Sperethiel) 2
S Read and Write Language (Dwarf) 1
S Climbing 1
S Conversation 1
S Fence 1
S Flirting 1
S Lip Reading 1
S Tactics 1
S Trading 1
K Legends of Barsaive 1
K Geography of Barsaive 1
A Storytelling 1

Racial Bonus: Low-Light Vision

Karma Ritual: Karma Ritual: To perform a Karma ritual, Troubadours must perform a ballad or skit before an audience of at least two. The Troubadour can juggle, joke, tell tall tales, or sing serious legends. The Troubadour must finish the performance with a story, ending the story with the phrase, “There it ends, for such is the truth of the thing.” This completes the ritual.

Clothing: Traveller’s Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt, breeches, traveller’s cloak)
Adventurer’s kit (backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, torch, waterskin, large sack) (wt: 10)
Weapons: Mace (dmg: 4, min str: 9, wt: 5, size: 3)
Weapons: Dagger, Throwing x 3 (dmg: 2, min str: 12, wt: 12oz, size: 1, 10/20/30)
Armour: Leather, Padded (rat: 4, wt: 20)
2 silver coins, 8 copper coins
Total weight: 35 lbs, 12 oz


Traits physiques: 6’3", 155 lbs, peau blanche et cheveux blond platine.
Première impression: Préfère porter des vêtements elfiques, le troubadour donne l’impression de nobilité tout en paraissant enjoué et approchable.
Origine: Natif d’un village dans le nord de Servos Jungle à l’ouest de Bartertown, le Troubadour parcours le monde à la recherche de légendes et d’aventure.
Traits: Joyeux, sérieux et mystérieux

Troubadours serve as entertainers, storytellers, actors, and songsmiths. They represent the closest thing to a historian or scholar that common people usually see. They also serve to keep the communities across Barsaive in communication with each other.

Role Playing Tips:
A Troubadour feels an irresistible responsibility to entertain, and to act as a conservator of history, as well. Therefore, no Troubadour worthy of the name will turn aside a chance to perform. Troubadours love being the centre of attention; their performances delight the audience, stroke their ego (which is often quite healthy), and let them feel the exhilarating flow of magic when they weave a song or tale.
At heart, every Troubadour holds an insatiable curiosity about the world, and an intense desire to share what they have learned with those around them. Only under rare circumstances would a Troubadour miss a chance to learn a new tale, song, or epic. Upon arriving in a new town, a Troubadour will usually immediately seek out the tales and songs native to the area. Troubadours particularly like to tell tales no one has heard before, and often seek out travellers or adventurers to learn stories of their exploits.
Troubadours recognize their own significant role in the spreading of legends and take great pride in it. As they travel across Barsaive, Troubadours carry with them the knowledge of different peoples and places. By spreading such knowledge far afield, they weave the scattered peoples of Barsaive together into a single, unified tapestry. Because of their desire to understand all aspects of a story, Troubadours tend to naturally find themselves in the role of mediator and diplomat.


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