Human Scout Circle 1

Attribute Value Step Defence Step
Dexterity 16 7 Physical 9
Strength 13 6 Spell 7
Toughness 13 6 Social 6
Perception 16 7 Armour Step
Willpower 11 5 Physical 4
Charisma 9 4 Mystic 1
Movement (yrds/round) Karma Value
Full 75 Die D8
Combat 38 Cost 6
Flight Maximum 15
Strength (lbs) Current 10
Carry 105
Lift 210
Damage Value
Death Rating 35
Unconsciousness 27
Wound Threshold 9
Recovery Test 2
Talent Disc. Rank
Circle 1
Avoid Blow x 2
Climbing x 1
Karma Ritual 1
Melee Weapons 2
Silent Walk x 1
Tracking x 1
Versatility 0
Skills Rank
S Speak Language (Human, Dwarf) 2
S Read and Write Language (Dwarf) 1
S Conversation 1
S Craftsman 1
S Navigation 1
S Wilderness Survival 1
K Creatures of Barsaive 2
A Rune Carving 1

Karma Ritual: To begin his Karma ritual, a Scout allows his companions to lead him, blindfolded, deep into the forest, about one half hour’s walk. The Scout then meditates for 10 to 15 minutes as he visualizes the route back to where he began. When he walks back and finds his starting point, the ritual is completed.

Clothing: Traveller’s Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt, breeches, traveller’s cloak)
Adventurer’s kit (backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, torch, waterskin, large sack) (wt: 10)
Weapons: Broadsword (dmg: 5, wt: 3)
Weapons: Dagger (dmg: 2, wt: 1)
Armour: Leather, Padded (rat: 4, wt: 20)
Artisan tools, Carving (wt: 1)
Lantern, Hooded (wt: 6)
Oil flask (wt: 8oz)
Rope, 25 feet (wt: 12)
6 silver coins, 2 copper coins
Total weight: 53lbs 8oz


Traits physiques:
Première impression: Rustre et semble peu rafiné. Préfère des vêtements comfortables qui se fondent dans l’environement.
Origine: Natif d’un village près de la rivière Coil. Ses parents son morts suite à une attaque de scorcher sur le village. S’est enfui avec sa petite soeur jusqu’à la ville de Darranis où il a appris sa discipline et où sa soeur est apprenti nethermancer.
Traits: Jovial et curieux

Scouts fill a unique roll in adventuring groups in Barsaive. They represent a mix of the Warrior and Thief Disciplines, and often serve as both. They learn abilities similar to thieves, but they work well with companions. Scouts often accept employment as travel guides in many large cities, working for individuals as well as trading companies.

Role Playing Tips:
Scouts are a curious lot, always interested in discovering what lies beyond the next hill. They enjoy using their talents to blend in with the world around them. The simple precept “tread lightly” governs most of their actions; the Scout who can achieve their goals with the least disruption to the world is truly living in accordance with their Discipline.

Justly proud of their abilities, most Scouts cannot help but notice the way others tend to, as they put it, “blunder blindly through the world.” In many cases, this observation, along with their precept of “treading lightly,” prevents Scouts from becoming lone wolves; keeping the others from blundering through the world as blindly as they seem to is within their calling, and their duty.

While Scouts are talented fighters, most avoid combat if they can. The saying, “Violence is the last resort of the incompetent,” finds a place in many a Scout’s personal vision. Many Scouts join merchant caravans or adventuring parties specifically seeking the chance to lead their charges through danger while avoiding direct conflict.


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