Dwarf Cavalryman Circle 1

Attribute Value Step Defence Step
Dexterity 14 6 Physical 8
Strength 16 7 Spell 5
Toughness 16 7 Social 8
Perception 11 5 Armour Step
Willpower 8 4 Physical 5/8
Charisma 16 7 Mystic 0
Movement (yrds/round) Karma Value
Full 57 Die D6
Combat 29 Cost 10
Flight Maximum 14
Strength (lbs) Current 5
Carry 165
Lift 310
Damage Value
Death Rating 39
Unconsciousness 31
Wound Threshold 11
Recovery Test 3
Talent Disc. Rank
Circle 1
Animal Bond 1
Avoid Blow 1
Charge x 2
Karma Ritual 1
Melee Weapons x 2
Trick Riding x 1
Skills Rank
S Speak Language (Dwarf, Ork) 2
S Read and Write Language (Dwarf) 1
S Battle Shout 1
S Conversation 1
S Hunting 1
S Lock Pick 1
S Seduction 1
S Tactics 1
S Trading 1
K History of Barsaive 2
A Wood Carving 1

Racial Bonus: Heat-Sight

Karma Ritual: To perform her Karma ritual, a Cavalryman plants a target in the ground, then rides her mount to a distance of several minutes away. When she reaches the proper distance, the Cavalryman blindfolds herself, and directs her mount to return to the target. Using only her almost psychic connection with her mount and whatever empathic talents she possesses, the Cavalryman urges her mount to charge the target as soon as she closes to about 100 yards. Still blindfolded, the Cavalryman strikes the target to end the ritual.

Clothing: Traveler’s Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt, breeches, traveler’s cloak)
Adventurer’s kit (backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, torch, waterskin, large sack) (wt: 10)
Weapons: Spear (dmg: 4, wt: 4, size: 4)
Weapons: Broadsword (dmg: 5, wt: 3, size: 3)
Weapons: scabbard
Weapons: Dagger (dmg: 2, wt: 1, size: 1)
Armour: Leather, Hardened (rat: 5, wt: 20, init: -1)
Armour: Shield, Rider’s (rat: +3, wt: 8, init: -1, tresh: 19)
3 silver pieces, 2 copper pieces
Total Weight: 46 lbs

Mount: Huttawa
A huttawa’s body resembles that of a lion or tiger, but it has an eagle-like head with a large beak and bird-like eyes. Four feet tall at the shoulder and six feet long, huttawas are a favoured mount of dwarf
Cavalrymen, and also help pull caravan wagons belonging to trading companies based in Throal and Bartertown. Though not overly bright, huttawas are easy to train.

Dex: 5 STR: 9 Tou:8
PER: 2 WIL: 4 CHA:5
Initiative: 6 Physical Defence: 6
Number of attacks: 1 Spell Defence: 6
Attack: 7 Social Defence: 7
Damage: 11 Armour: 2
Mystic Armour: 0
Knockdown: 9
Recovery Test: 2
Death Rating: 45 Combat Movement: 50
Wound Threshold: 12 Full Movement: 100
Unconsciousness Rating: 35

Traits physiques: 25 ans, 4’0", 125 lbs. Peau brune pale et cheveux yeux bruns. Cheveux gardé avec deux longues tresses. Barbe tenu courte.
Première impression: Un des rare nains à suivre cette discipline, sa stature lui donne l’impression d’être important et très fier. Préfère porter des vêtement qui démontre un certain status.
Origine: Natif de Bartertown dans une famille de 3 enfants. Son pêre était guerrier dans l’armé de Throal et a perdu la vie en défandant le royaume contre une attaque de mort-vivant. Sa mère est élémentaliste dans un temple de Garlen. Un frère ainé qui est architecte à Throal et un autre frère plus vieux qui travail comme messager pour les marchants de Bartertown et Throal.
Traits: Fier et ambitieux

Cavalrymen are fierce, mounted warriors. They train with their mounts and form an empathic bond with them. A Cavalryman often respects their mount more than other people, except other Cavalrymen. This Discipline emphasizes motion and empathy for the characters’ mounts.

Role Playing Tips:
Cavalrymen are a restless lot, driven by the need to move and act. Cavalrymen rarely walk when they can gallop; they prefer to charge into every situation, facing foes head on, and taking life by the throat. While Cavalrymen prefer directness and zeal in most situations, they do not needlessly waste their lives, or the lives of their steeds, and can appreciate cunning and caution. Patience is rarely their strongest virtue, however.

A Cavalryman’s bond with their mount is central to their life, affecting them mentally, emotionally, and physically. Because their mount is more important to the Cavalryman than any other being, it can cause the Cavalryman to have a certain emotional distance from other Name-givers. This often is the reason that other Name-givers see the Cavalrymen as rude, or brusque. The Cavalryman who seems shy and taciturn away from their mount often startles their companions by making a dramatic personality change when working with their riding beast.


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