Dwarf Archer Circle 1

Attribute Value Step Defence Step
Dexterity 16 7 Physical 9
Strength 16 7 Spell 7
Toughness 16 7 Social 6
Perception 14 6 Armour Step
Willpower 11 5 Physical 4
Charisma 10 5 Mystic 1
Movement (yrds/round) Karma Value
Full 65 Die D6
Combat 33 Cost 10
Flight Maximum 14
Strength (lbs) Current 5
Carry 165
Lift 310
Damage Value
Death Rating 39
Unconsciousness 31
Wound Threshold 11
Recovery Test 3
Talent Disc. Rank
Circle 1
Avoid Blow 1
Direction Arrow x 1
Karma Ritual 1
Missile Weapons x 2
Mystic Aim x 2
True Shot 1
Skills Rank
S Speak Language (Dwarf, Sperethiel) 2
S Read and Write Language (Dwarf) 1
S Bribery 1
S Climbing 1
S Hunting 1
S Melee Weapons (Swords) 1
S Sprint 1
K Legendary Weapons 2
A Arrow Fletching 1

Racial Bonus: Heat-Sight

Karma Ritual: An Archer spends the first several minutes of the ritual oiling and stringing his bow.The Archer then meditates with the bow in front of him and all of his arrows fanned out beside him on the ground. At the end of the ritual, the Archer fires three arrows at a target, forming a rough triangle no more than a foot wide, then fires a fourth arrow into the centre of the triangle. The ritual is complete as soon as the arrow strikes its target.

Clothing: Traveller’s Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt, breeches, traveller’s cloak)
Adventurer’s kit (backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, torch, waterskin, large sack) (wt: 10)
Weapons: Light Crossbow (dmg: 10, min str: 10, wt: 5, size: 4, 50/125/200)
Weapons: 15 light crossbow bolts (wt: 3)
Weapons: Quiver (wt: 3)
Weapons: Dagger, Throwing x 3 (dmg: 2, min str: 12, wt: 12oz, size: 1, 10/20/30)
Armour: Leather, Padded (rat: 4, wt: 20)
4 silver coins
Total Weight: 43 lbs 4 oz


Traits physiques: 19 ans, 4’1", 115 lbs. Peau blanche et cheveux yeux bruns. Cheveux gardé avec une tresse. Barbe tenu courte pour ne pas intervenir dans le tir à l’arc.
Première impression: Préfère être habillé pour la situation; pour les conflits comme pour les réceptions tout en restant fonctionel.
Origine: Natif de Throal et fils de marchant. Son père est associé à la Maison du Cercle Bleu. Sa mère est artisane de tapis. Un frère ainé qui travaille avec son père et deux jeunes soeurs, une qui suit la tradition de sa mère et l’autre qui est présentement en entraitnement pour devenir Swordmaster.
Traits: Patient et méticuleux

An Archer learns the art of the missile weapon. This Discipline stresses accuracy, and, to a lesser extent, speed. Most Archers show great perceptive powers, often noticing things that others miss. Archers may use both bows and crossbows, as they choose.

Role Playing Tips:
An Adept of the Archer Discipline has learned the art of seeing; they can divide the world into missiles and targets and forge a mystical connection between an arrow or bolt, the target, and the space between them. A character might take this basic outline to extremes, believing that the target-and-missile analogy applies to every situation. Or, they might be a no-nonsense type who doesn’t let the mystical talk get in the way of picking off enemies. The character’s vision is also influenced by the circumstances of their life before they became an Adept. An Archer raised in an ork cavalry, for example, will likely espouse a fiercer, more aggressive view point than that described by a an Archer raised in a peaceful seaside village.


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